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Why Mehan Training?

We have been delivering virtual training for a number of years now (well before the lockdown!) and therefore have a great deal of expertise on how best to design, develop and deliver effective online training solutions. Online training, when done properly, can be as effective as face to face training (and sometimes even better!) provided you choose an experienced trainer and the most appropriate training solution. For more detail on the various virtual formats available Click here

Critically the instructional design for virtual formats is different. We've noticed that many trainers simply try to lift a face to face course and deliver it wholesale by video. Instead, any virtual course needs to be adapted and restructured, understanding that delegate experience online is different and things that work face to face won't necessarily work when people are not in the same room. Equally the technology gives you the opportunity to use additional tools that only work well online.

We are experienced in judging when and how best to:

  • use polling/quiz features aptly;
  • use breakout rooms to encourage collaboration; and
  • keep delegates engaged when you can't read their body language as easily.

Why use this time for training?

Lockdown is a great opportunity to continue to develop your staff.

Whilst remote working may lead to "screen fatigue", we've found that the right virtual training solution actually has the opposite effect! It brings your staff together with a completely different yet common learning focus and goal!

In training they are working together to help each other learn; being stretched in different ways; improving team morale; and connecting people in different geographies together within an enhanced team environment.

Did you know that furloughed staff can still receive training?! This has many advantages - it keeps your furloughed staff motivated, connected and engaged with the organisation and they can return with improved skills, confidence and knowledge.

What topics are we currently delivering?

We work in partnership with our clients to develop effective training solutions. This is no different whether it is face to face or online. We have included below some illustrations of recent virtual projects that we've worked on but this is only a small extract of what we can deliver.

These are some of our most popular courses and where we bring the unique Mehan Training style to the fore!

Many operational staff have financial responsibility and accountability, which can often be incredibly daunting. We specialise in dispelling many of the myths that surround finance. For example, you definitely do not need to be good at maths to understand finance! You just need to be able to add, subtract (and if you're feeling adventurous) maybe calculate a percentage.
Our finance for non finance courses focus on understanding the "why" and breaking down financial concepts in ways that everyone can easily relate to.
Our clients tell us they've noticed the following benefits after their staff have attended our courses:

  • Increased confidence of staff
  • Improved decision making when it comes to finance
  • Improved communication between finance and operations
  • Overall a happier place to work!

We have a huge amount of experience in delivering Financial Reporting Training. This is reflected in that fact that we are the chosen supplier delivering the ICAEW Academy's Financial Reporting courses.

We differentiate ourselves from other training providers as we don't just teach the technical content but we focus on embedding both the practical application of the standards and an understanding of the implications for your organisation. We go beyond mere transfer of technical knowledge by looking at the commercial impact (for example, stakeholder management, what resources will be needed, how will it impact the numbers, how will it affect the operational side of the business) which ensures that the training is engaging and relevant.
One of our recent delegates summed it up better than we can! "Obviously it's technically correct - it's Vivek - but it was practical, real world application, made me think much wider than I anticipated and critically it was fun!"

Since lockdown there has been a greater focus on how we engage with our staff and critically how we can help support their mental wellbeing. This has never been more important than in the current situation where people can feel isolated whilst having to deal with lots of change and conflicting pressures (homeschooling, family health, financial concerns etc.). We run short workshops with lots of practical opportunities to learn take away skills.

As automation and the drive towards digital transformation accelerates, much of the typical work of an accountant will be automated. Therefore to thrive in the near future we're all going to need the Finance Business Partnering skillset (even if that's not our job title).
Our courses will help you and your team to develop the key skills that enable finance professionals to add value to the business by bringing proactive insights rather than mere reporting of the business becoming a valued part of the decision making management team. This comes naturally to some individuals - but for others we need to work together on how best bring these skills to the fore.

On these courses we look at

  • How to build effective relationships
  • How to gain influence
  • How to free up time to enable the move to influencer
  • How to overcome resistance
  • How to better present yourself and information