Finance Training

We have extensive experience and expertise of teaching finance in a wide range of different areas:

  • CPD for accountants
    • Including IFRS, US GAAP and UK GAAP Training
  • Finance for non-accountants (Finance for Non Finance Managers)
  • Finance Training in the Public Sector
  • Financial Reporting Consultancy
  • Coaching/mentoring for anyone studying for accountancy qualifications (CIMA/ACCA/ACA) or accountancy degrees

CPD For Accountants

CPD is now a mandatory requirement for all CCAB qualified accountants. With over 10 years experience in this area we can work with you to ensure that whilst fulfilling the CPD requirements of your respective institutes, we can also make it interesting, engaging and interactive. By working in partnership with you, we can also design any programme to ensure there are benefits to the business rather than providing a purely academic.

We can fulfil all of your CPD needs, giving you a cost-effective way of allowing your staff to meet their individual CPD requirements while at the same time maximising the organisational benefit.

One of our most common requests is for Financial Reporting (i.e. IFRS, US and UK GAAP). We are subject matter experts in this area who have developed and delivered these courses to thousands of delegates in the past.

Not only can we help you with Financial Reporting but we can deliver a whole suite of training courses including areas such as Management Accounting, Leadership, Management and Soft Skills.

Finance for Non-Accountants (Finance for Non Finance Managers)

It's a common principle in many organisations that staff are promoted to managerial roles due to excellence in their operational role. For example a great salesperson will become manager of the sales team where they get budgetary responsibilities placed on them. Quite often people will muddle through. However, without some specific training this can be a stressful and demotivating time for them.

In order to help your organisation fulfil its potential, it is key to give staff of this level finance training. However, the type of finance training that you choose is critical. It needs to be interesting, interactive, relevant (made bespoke to their role) and fun!!

Mehan Training excels in this area. Our ethos of working in a real partnership and creating genuinely bespoke programmes means that we are able to continually meet and exceed clients' expectations.

Finance Training in the Public Sector

We have over 10 years' experience of delivering finance training in partnership with the Public Sector. We understand that finance in the public sector is significanly different to that of the private sector and brings with it its own challenges; and, whilst we are happy to take lessons from the private sector, we do not apply private sector methodology to the public sector blindly.

We have delivered finance training to all levels ranging from Permanent Secretary and main boards down to new starters. We have worked with the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury in the rolling out of Professional Skills for Government Finance Training.

Vivek has been on several advisory panels to HM Treasury and regularly had meetings with a member of the FRAB to discuss technical accounting issues. Vivek has also delivered technical training to accountants in Government, teaching not just IFRS but the actual FReM adaptations for the Public Sector.

Financial Reporting Consultancy

As technical experts in Financial Reporting, we are able to work with you and provide you with consultancy services. This could take the form of:

  • Help on specific accounting issues ahead of year end.
  • An independent sounding board (as opposed to your auditors) on specific accounting treatments.
  • Impact assessments of new accounting standards such as the proposals on revenue recognition or leasing.

Coaching/mentoring for anyone studying for accountancy qualifications (CIMA/ACCA/ACA) or accountancy degrees

If you are studying for your professional qualifications, accounting degree or A-Levels and need some additional coaching or mentoring on any of the papers, we can work with you to help increase your chances of success. This can be arranged on a per hour basis with a highly experienced tutor.