Identification of Training Needs

At Mehan Training, we work with you to identify the key training and development needs for your legal staff and assess any knowledge or skills gaps in your organisation. We have experience of working both in practice and in training. This makes us uniquely placed to understand both sides of the fence and develop training programmes that are useful, relevant and help improve your staff and, therefore, your organisation.

Source/Review your CPD Training Providers

We are well aware of how difficult the current economic environment is. However, as CPD is a mandatory requirement, it is essential that any money spent on training and development delivers maximum return. With our years of experience working in the training industry, we can work with you to assess your current providers and find a more cost-effective solution by using our contacts with some of the leading CPD providers in the country. We are confident that this, combined with the training needs analysis above, can provide you with maximum return for your training budget.

Finance for Lawyers

Mehan Training employs highly experienced lawyers and accountants. Finance is becoming an increasingly important part of any lawyer's role. Lawyers need to be business advisers and understand the commercial context in which they provide legal advice. They should appreciate their clients' business needs and the wider environment in which they operate.

At Mehan Training we are able to design finance courses that are directly relevant to legal professionals and, by working in partnership with you, we can improve the financial literacy of your staff and their confidence when communicating with financial experts.

Coaching/Mentoring for LPC or Law Degree Students

If you or your staff are studying for professional qualifications and need some additional coaching or mentoring on any of the papers, we can work with you to help increase your chances of success.