Virtual Training

Click here for a quick elearning guide on the most common virtual delivery formats

What's our experience?

We have been delivering virtual training for many years now and therefore have a great deal of experience on how best to design, develop and deliver effective online training solutions that are right for your organisation and people.

Why choose virtual training?

Virtual training is the same as any training - you need to choose the right training provider and solution. It is critical that your training provider has experience of how training programmes need to be adapted both to your organisation and culture and to virtual delivery. As wonderful as "Zoom" (other packages are available...) is, you should not simply try to replicate a face to face course via video.
Mehan Training will work in partnership with you to ensure that we:

  • Bring teams together to work collobaratively with a common focus and goal;
  • Leverage the technology appropriately to allow better interactivity, for example, small group discussions, breakouts, polling and quizzing;
  • Allow teams to be trained together from locations all around the world;
  • Keep teams engaged and motivated;
  • Lower travel costs (relevant in a non covid world!).

What are the different options?

Choosing the most appropriate virtual delivery method for your organisation's specific needs is key and that's why we've created a short elearning module - "click here" that helps explain some of the most common methodologies and their respective advantages and disadvantages. Please do contact us on 07986 241 825 or at if you'd like advice on which methodology would work best for you.